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Priori R-SPINASOME  The Ultimate Day Creme
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Priori R-SPINASOME The Ultimate Day Creme

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Priori R-SPINASOME  The Ultimate Day Creme

Priori R-SPINASOME The Ultimate Day Creme


When science meets green plant technology, the results are gorgeously face changing.

Have you ever wondered why plants stay so lush, firm, hydrated and youthful?

Priori did too. They found the genius green molecule and patented it for them alone to use in the new R–Spinasome range.

Today, according to the researchR-Spinasome is out performing every luxury anti-ageing skincare line we know.

We are so glad plants have shared their secret

That’s Powerful Green Technology and Priori’s Luxury Skin care range R-Spinasome – with long lasting action that immediately brings glowing improvements to the surface in just 24hrs.

This is where science meets instant gratification.

Patented. Sustainable. Green!

Using Priori’s own proprietary process that is environmentally friendly, vital skin-changing antioxidants are extracted from USDA certified organic spinach leaves to supercharge R-Spinasome with these powerful molecules, creating a collection with advanced wrinkle correction, hydration and anti-inflammatory properties that provide immediate skin improvement.

Outperforms leading luxury anti ageing skincare lines in clinical trials in just 28 days


R-Spinasome®, a proprietary patented* extract of chlorophyllic cells derived from Certified Organic spinach leaves.


This deliciously smooth daily moisturizer is clinically proven to help improve skin elasticity, help enhance the appearance of skin brightness and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while promoting skin firmness.


Unveil your ultimate level of skin health and glow!


A deliciously smooth daily moisturizer formulated with:

R-Spinasome Complex**: Wrinkle, hydration, firmness, elasticity, soothing

Paracress Extract: Collagen builder

Laminaria Saccharina extract: Hydration, skin repair, regeneration 

Smithsonite and Rhodochrosite extracts: UVA and UVB protection 

Avocado Butter: Nourishing

Meadowfoam Seed Oil: Skin balancing